Kitchen remodeled, 2 bathrooms remodeled, and extra room additions to basement:

"It is with pleasure that I recommend W.B. Jordan Inc. Mr. Jordan did a wonderful job remodeling our entire home - new kitchen, two new bathrooms, and additional rooms down in our basement area. He completed our project on time and budget. We were very impressed and have no hesitation recommending him." - James, San Francisco.

[Further details for many other basement additions available] Full basement additions also done in the following SF locations: 

Moraga St. | San Marcos St. | Noriega St. | Teresita Blvd. | Del Sur St. | Jersey St. | Clipper St. | 17th Ave. | 9th Ave. | Page St. | Marietta Drive | 27th St. | and many more.

Kitchen, dining room, and multiple bathroom remodels:

"They did a big remodel on our dining room, hallway, and bathrooms. We had walls completely redone and skylights installed. I really could not be any happier with the way the house looks. Walter has a lot of integrity." – Anonymous, Good Service Guide 

Stair replacement and porch addition:

"Mr. Jordan constructed a three story stair and porch structure for our apartment building, working with our architect and he obtained the San Francisco work permits. I am pleased with Mr. Jordan's work and the timely manner he completed this structure."- Raymond, San Francisco

Testimonials from our clients:

New deck construction:

"Walter, You are truly a rare find: honest, dependable and a craftsman. I've heard so many horror stories about problems between owners and their contractors. You stayed within the budget range, knew exactly how to work with the city inspectors, and made suggestions along the way that hadn't occurred to me, which added immeasurably to the beauty and utility of my new deck. It is clear to me that you take great satisfaction in doing the work yourself and completing a job well done." - Earl, San Francisco

W.B. Jordan Inc


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Stair replacement:

"Walter, Thank you so much for a job well done! I am extremely pleased with my new stairs and railing and feel much safer every time I use them. Also the way you kept me "up to speed," answered all my questions, and generously gave me information was extraordinary! It's nice to have a reliable contractor that I can trust: and will definitely recommend you to my friends and neighbors. Thanks again!" - Coleen, San Francisco

Earthquake retrofitting:

"On time and on budget – a wonderful surprise from a contractor! My earthquake retrofit project was my first major home improvement project. Walter designed the scope of the project realistically around my budget and provided me with an end result that truly exceeded my expectations. I will definitely be using Walter on all my future home improvement projects!" - Cassie, San Francisco


70 Balceta Ave. San Francisco CA 94127 us
                                                                                                 License Number:796891

Stair replacement and foundation repair:

"Walter did a great job replacing our stairs and reinforcing the supports under the side of our home. The stairs are now solid, safe, and they look great too. He and his team completed the project on time and - most importantly! - on budget. I am happy to recommend them." - Max, San Francisco

Bathroom, bedroom,and living room addition:

"Walter and his crew added on a bathroom, a bedroom, a family room, and remodeled our kitchen. He went beyond our expectations, finished on time, and on budget." –Anonymous, Good Service Guide 

Waterproofing, new deck, and roof repair :

Walter Jordan did a leak repair job including installing a new deck for the Homeowners Association. His work was well done in a professional manner. We recommend Mr. Jordan's company for several reasons:

  • Mr. Jordan showed real concern for our needs. When we asked for a written guarantee for the deck repair he provided a clear guarantee in writing. What we learned later is that Mr. Jordan went to his roofing sub contractor to work out the details and ended up replacing the roofing company because they did not meet his standards: The replacement sub contractor did a fine job under his management and the deck looks very good.

  • Mr. Jordan showed us another way to get a better job done at about the same cost. He had his workers completely reinforce the roof and deck more effectively than the competitive contractors proposed. The result was a better deck for the same price.

  • Attention to details is evident in his work. One morning I saw him providing training to one of the men. He showed him a better way to install flashing in the wall. We were impressed when he had the worker tear out some flashing and re-install it a better way, even though it meant throwing out the flashing and replacing it at his own cost.

  • When the job was done the area was painted, and completely cleaned up and made better than before. The deck, entry doors and garage look great.

Because of the good work done for the Association, we feel confident to have W.B. Jordan construction company do our next remodel job for us."

- Stephen, San Francisco